Here we have the sounds of nature made available for your listening pleasure whether you are in the middle of a city or a forest. The haunting chorus of a tropical rainforest recorded with gibbon front men singers in a national park in Thailand where I did a 10-day 'silent' meditation retreat.

Khun Dick of the Jungle, from Jungleyoga, made this wonderful recording of the sounds of the forest that you can hear every day from Praiwan Raft House and their floating bungalows where Jungleyoga holds retreats. Getting to Praiwan Raft House involves a 20 KM ferry ride to the edge of a lake where Praiwan has 30 floating bungalows, a kitchen, dining area and practice space, all on rafts on the water at the edge of the lake. In the middle of the Khao Sok National Park. It's a beautiful location.

The chorus of forest animal calls, that you hear 24 hours a day on the raft house bungalows, is just magical. My favourite experience was hearing Gibbons calling back and forth in a kind of chorus to each other. Beautiful!

These recordings are not mixed or manipulated in any way, these are a collection of raw recording of the sounds as heard from the raft house, while kayaking or actually in the forest.

Copyright Jungleyoga. Feel free to link to this soundcloud page. If you download the file and make use of it please make mention of Jungleyoga and Praiwan Raft House.

Ensemble includes:

  • gibbon song
  • great hornbill
  • helmeted hornbill
  • white crowned hornbill
  • white rumped shama
  • crested serpent eagle
  • cicada
  • barking deer
  • oriental magpied robin
  • golden whiskered barbet
  • abbots babler
  • dusky langur
  • greater flameback woodpecker
  • coucals
  • nok wow
  • human chanting
  • frogs